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Dress Like a Local in the World’s Fashion Capitals

May 24, 2016 3 min read

Japanese Dressing
They say, “When in Rome, do as Romans do”. When in the style capitals of the world, Tokyo, Paris, New York, London and Berlin, do as the fashionistas do. Each city has its own style and dress code. While trends may come and go, the essential pieces often don’t. Here’s what you need to know to dress like a local in these cities:
Tokyo Couture
Take a walk in downtown Shibuya, Tokyo on a weekday during lunchtime and you’ll see workers dressed in formal three piece suits and chic, classic skirts. Come on a Sunday and you’ll see bizarre outfits, from girls in stylishly mismatched neon getups to boys in long skirts paired with masculine sneakers and jackets. Or join the throngs at Harajuku in the weekend and see the Manga and Kawaii-inspired fashion sported by the famous Harajuku Girls.
So what should you wear? When in doubt, it’s best to stick to the classics. Tokyo is both modern and conservative, so if you’re planning to blend in, a crisp white shirt, good black slacks, and a fitted blazer will go a long way. For women, smart dresses or skirts and heels always work. Feeling bold? Head over to Laforet Mall or Takeshita Street to find your own Japanese style!
And to keep things fashionable and chic, carry your supplies in the Citysafe CS200 handbag.
Paris Couture
There’s only one way to describe Parisien style: effortless-looking chic. It’s practical, simple and stylish.
Start off with the classic combo of blue jeans and a t-shirt. For men, up your game by throwing a good leather jacket over your shirt (preferably coloured). Finish the look with a good pair of loafers. Women, add a splash of colour with a stylish scarf and an elegant overcoat. For footwear, stick to practical ankle-high boots or pretty ballerina flats. Keep your makeup light. Oh, and carry all your IDs and cash in your effortlessly stylish Slingsafe LX200 compact tote.
New York
New York Couture
New York is an eclectic city, with a mix of styles favoured by its many inhabitants. Here, you’ll find everything, from funky, hipster styles to classic, prep-school formalwear.
As a rule of thumb, dress in whatever makes you comfortable, but skip the Hawaiian shirts and above-the-knees khakis. Focus instead on smart layering and impeccable shoes. In New York, it’s more about the attitude you carry rather than the clothes you wear. That said, keep things simple and elegant by carrying the Citysafe™ CS25 anti-theft cross body & hip purse 
London Couture
The best way to describe London’s style is colourful and eccentric without being too fast-paced. Coordination and classic styling is the name of the game, and due to the unpredictable weather, the one thing you’ll find all native Londoners carry is some kind of protection from the rain.
Against this backdrop, coordinate your outfits to add a splash of colour against the grey, overcast sky. Think bright yellow colour-blocked tops against black pants or skirts and vice versa. For accessories, stick to large, statement pieces that are chic and fashionable. And you can’t go past the quintessential British styling of a trench coat to protect yourself from the elements.
For the guys, it’s all about a crisp, sharp blazer with well-tailored trousers. A pocket square will also add a pop of colour to your look. And to be safe, carry your cash and ID in the RFIDsafe Z50 trifold wallet.
Berlin Couture
Perhaps the most understated city on our stylish list is Berlin. The girls of Berlin, as one fashion editor puts it, dress for the dual purpose of looking stylish while being practical enough for biking to work. The residents aren’t known for being too showy, and vintage clothing is favoured among the residents of hipster suburbs such as Kreuzberg.
So what should you wear? Be bold with edgy, unconventional styling but keep the look laid-back. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. Guys can pair suits with cool sneakers while girls can match a pair of skinny jeans with a patterned top and fedora-style hat. Accessorise and keep your things safe on your back with the Slingsafe LX300 backpack.
So, what will you wear?

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