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Pacsafe® and SLNT® join forces to present the Two Piece Everyday Anti-Theft Collection to give the wearer agency over their digital footprint and who can access their belongings.

Many people may want to ignore the possibilities of bad actors while traveling or commuting, but this isn't something you can ignore any longer.

Better to be prepared than lose sleep after the fact.

These may be inconvenient topics, but we think that everyone from the 9-5er, artist, self employed individual, stay at home parent, white collar professional, or government worker has something to gain from caring about their privacy, security, and health in the modern world.


The Pacsafe x SLNT® Everyday Anti-Theft Faraday Backpack includes the best anti-theft technologies that both brands can offer. This backpack puts a premium on design and utility to ensure that there is a place for everything with none of the added bulk.

Store your device in the removable patented Silent Pocket® Faraday Sleeve (up to the latest 16-Inch Macbook Pro) and know that all your personal and work information is completely secure.

Made with 32 recycled plastic bottles.


The Pacsafe x SLNT® Everyday Anti-Theft Faraday Sling includes the best anti-theft technologies that both brands can offer. This sling fits all your essentials, and a tad more for an easy carry option while on the way to the coffee shop, on a hike, or more.

The removable Silent Pocket® Faraday Sleeve fits up to iPhone Pro Max to secure yourself from being hacked, tracked, or accessed wherever you go.

Made with 9 recycled plastic bottles.


Instantly enhance your daily privacy, security, and health.

Our Pacsafe x Silent Pocket Faraday Phone Guard gives anyone the ability to disappear from the grid with our patented radiofrequency (RF) Faraday cage.

By placing a phone or device inside you are blocking Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC, EMR, EMF, and Radiation. This soft case is made for when you want to disconnect and be undetectable, untraceable and unhackable.


Pacsafe x SLNT

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