4 Ways to Prevent Theft While on the Move

May 24, 2016 2 min read

Woman in danger
Taking walks is not only good for your health but for the environment as well. Unfortunately, crime and petty theft keeps us on our toes, making it important to know some rules of safety and etiquette while we’re on the move. So, whether you are heading out on your own, or travelling with your friends, here are our top security and safety tips to help you stay street smart.
Planning Ahead
It is important to do some homework if you are heading to places unfamiliar to you. Be proactive when it comes to public transportation. Take some time to check the distance and time it takes to reach your destination, and confirm the departure time before you leave. If you’re travelling abroad, user reviews from tenants are great indicators whether a place is suitable for stay or not. Make sure to include travel safety items in your travel checklist.
Street Smarts
Being aware and exposed to local trends through social media is a great way to learn the common methods and tactics used. However, it’s as equally important to know a few general etiquettes. Be self-reliant and walk purposefully with your head up and look like you know where you’re going. Try not to depend on someone unless you really need to. If you happen to be lost, walk into a restaurant or shop to ask for directions. It may take some getting used to, but being up to date will soon become second nature to you .
Tread Lightly
It’s generally better to carry as light as you can so you can move quickly and have a free hand whenever you need it. Walk on the inner most lane opposite to a vehicles’ travel direction. If you are at a crowded event such as a concert, keep your bags and purses in front of you. Consider using body wallets and money belts such as the Coversafe S80 secret body pouch to keep your things snuggly close to you too.
Active prevention
There’s only so much you can do to avoid theft, and sometimes active methods are needed to really deter them. Bags that have security features like slashguards and puncture resistant zips will keep you one step ahead of the game. If you’re one of those who loves capturing candid moments, consider backpacks for cameras with built in security features. Bags you can secure to a fixed object to help prevent bag snatching such as the Slingsafe LX300 backpack.
Practice these safety tips on your own, even if you are not travelling. It’s great to have safe habits practised and instilled, so they become natural to you. Be prepared and you’ll enjoy a safe trip, wherever the journey takes you next!

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