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Whether you’re a luxury beach resort hopper, someone eager to immerse in the local culture, a person wanting to cut loose and get lost in the nightlife, or a recluse doing a little soul searching.
Whatever you want, Thailand has it. So let’s pack our bags, hop on a plane and get away!
Here are some of the popularplaces to visit in Thailand.

Chiang Mai
Home to one of the most sacred temples in the world, Doi Suteph, Chang Mai is the cultural hub of the country. It’s a city that doesn’t feel like a city because there’s a temple around every corner – literally. You can even sit down and have a chat with the monks! Apart from that, Chiang Mai is also a foodie nation with its myriad of markets serving up Thailand’s best food in a snap.
Mytop recommended dish to nab: Kao Soi.

Chiang Rai
Another cultural hotspot is Chiang Rai. You may be familiar with its famous dazzling white temple and its interesting and odd details – especially on the inside, you’ll have to go to see what I mean – but this city has more to offer than just that. Visit the Hill Tribe education center to get insights on the locals as well as the Mae Fah Luang cultural park, and the creepy yet cool Black House. But of course, this is Thailand we’re talking about, so there are about 100 more temples to check out!

The most ancient of the bunch is Sukhothai, theold capital of Thailand  Here you can wander around the UNESCO heritage complex of the historic town. Most of the buildings have been excavated and are going through reconstruction; it would take days to see it all. Besides, there are over 190 temples that have yet to be uncovered!

Ao Nang
Most of the action in Krabi happens right in the heart of Ao Nang. Made for tourists, the beaches here are for those who love the sand, the sea and all the conveniences at their doorstep. If you wish to go somewhere secluded, worry not as you don’t have to go too far. Places like Nopparat Thara are quieter than the rest, and if you’re a motorcyclist, ride to the other beach spots for more serene sights! There are plenty of things to do in Krabi, and Ao Nang can make a great base.

While attached to the mainland, Railay is only accessible by boat because of the impressive and towering karst cliffs that create a barrier between Railay and the rest of the mainland. No cars live on this side of the mountains as everything is accessible by foot along the dirt and sand pathways. Twogorgeous beaches of Phrannag and Railay West grace this peninsula and I will venture to say it will be some of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen; you won’t want to leave.

Koh Chang
Despite being the second largest, and well-trodden island, it maintains a cool, chill vibe and doesn’t feel like it’s overrun with tourist. Koh Chang is a great spot to have the luxury you crave or be on a budget. There are party beaches and beaches with hardly a single soul. Koh Chang is for everyone, literally.

Koh Phi Phi
Famous for its parties and even more famous because of its sister island where “The Beach” movie was made, Koh Phi Phi is a far cry from a chilled beach holiday. The beaches are often packed with partygoers who are either passed out from the night before or currently raging. If you’re ready to drink buckets with sand squishes between your toes, this is the island to be!

Koh Phangan
Does “Full Moon party” ring any bells? I bet it does! Koh Phangan is your Full Moon party headquarters as each month the coming of the full moon throws people into a drunken tizzy on Had Rin beach in Koh Phangan. Don’t fret if you’re not here during the full moon as there’s the half moon, black moon, waterfall and jungle parties sprinkled throughout the month.
Which personality did you fall under? Maybe you’re a mix? Feel free to do everything on the list as Thailand truly is a place that has something for everyone.
By Nina Ragusa
Nina’s blog aims to give it to you straight in every aspect without skimping on the details. She talks about the realities of making a life abroad by working for it while maximizing your travel experiences.

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