What Makes A Gold-Winning Anti-Theft Bag?

When the Pacsafe team started designing the new ECONYL Collection, there was a definite buzz around the office. We knew we were onto something special. The series combined the three things we most represent – traveling, creating the best anti-theft technology, and doing things sustainably. There was one design in particular, however, that was on everyone’s radar – The Venturesafe EXP45.

“When we were looking at which styles to make in the new Econyl fabric line it was an obvious choice adding the Venturesafe EXP45,” says Pacsafe Executive VP of Global Product Phil Hayes.  “It’s a clear favorite of not only the team here but customers and bloggers, and one of our best sellers. The bag features the best of our anti-theft technology, it’s the perfect carryon size and looks great.” 

Using ECONYL to make the EXP45 means it’s created from recycled nylon generated out of waste like discarded fishing nets that would otherwise pollute our oceans. The result was something that elevated an already great bag into something extra special. When we showcased the Pacsafe ECONYL EXP45 atISPO – one of the most respected outdoor trade shows in the world – a panel of judges agreed. They awarded it with a gold medal for best urban equipment. One of the judges, Gijs Loning from Outdoorgugru.com, explained why the EXP45 received the accolade:

“The jury honored the eco-friendly approach – the use of Econyl and the support of the Turtle Fund – while maintaining Pacsafe’s exceptional anti-theft features.”


Apart from the 45-liters of well-arranged storage space, the Pacsafe Econyl EXP45 features a centralized locking system and an included steel locking cable. This means travelers can secure the bag to an immovable object, like a handrail when on busy public transport, or a table when enjoying coffee at a streetside cafe. Simply lock your valuables into the bag and secure it all to a fixture with the cable. A cover flap fits nicely over the locking system to keep the clean look of the bag, which also acts as a great spot to store your jacket – perfect for getting through the airport. 

“When traveling, the locking system also allows for complete peace of mind on the planes,” adds Phil Hayes about the EXP45. “Theft from overheads mid-flight is rife at the moment so having the ability to lock your bag allows and even better inflight sleep.”

Whether you’re using it for comfort on the plane, securing your valuables while out exploring, or love it as a sustainable choice that helps protect the planet you travel, the Pacsafe ECONYL Venturesafe EXP45 covers all bases. That’s what makes it a gold-winning anti-theft bag.
To shop the Pacsafe ECONYL Venturesafe EXP45, headhere.

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