Travel Gear to Help Prevent Theft

May 10, 2016 2 min read

Whether you’re travelling abroad or just commuting to work, safety should always be a top priority. Secure your precious possessions from wandering hands with these travel tips.
1. Lock and Leave
When you’re staying in hotels and hostels that don’t have a safe, the Pacsafe®Portable Travel Safes are good options as these are protected by eXomesh®, which are stainless steel wires laminated between fabrics to form a stealthlike portable safe. Rooms booked through Airbnb usually do not have safes as well, which makes the portable safe essential to budget travellers. Otherwise, throw the Pacsafe® 55L backpackor bag protectors over your backpack to secure your belongings before you leave them in the room.
2.AntiTheft Wearables
Hide valuables in secret waistbands that can be concealed by your clothes. The Pacsafe®Coversafe™  series includes a variety of hidden pouches and slings which you can wear,
wrap or strap on you. They’re available in many colours and worth the money as they are an ingenious way to protect yourself from most forms of theft.
3. RFIDBlocking Bags, Wallets and Organisers
Did you know people can actually charge purchases to your credit card if you’re not paying attention? With RFIDenabled credit cards, payment becomes convenient at the price of a small risk. Wireless identity theft and contact less credit card theft are some of the common risks. The RFIDsafe™ feature of Pacsafe® bags and wallets can block out the radio frequency used in most epassports and credit cards, helping to prevent your personal information from getting into the wrong hands. We have also devised an infographic on what you need to know about identity theft.
4. Secure Backpacks
Pacsafe® AntiTheft bags are protected with eXomesh® slashguards that help prevent gear from falling out. The smart zipper security, hardtocut webbing straps with Carrysafe® Slashguard Straps and Turn & Lock Security Hooks further secures your bag from theft.
5. AntiTheft Luggage
If you prefer the simplicity of a luggage, try the Pacsafe® Toursafe™ luggage. It has a Puncture Resistant ToughZip™ feature that helps prevent pickpocket pilfering and forced entry into your luggage with a ballpoint pen or similar sharp object. It even helps to prevent unwanted items (such as contraband) being unknowingly put inside your luggage.
Have a safe trip with these antitheft travel gears the next time you travel!

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