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Travel Dictionary: Deciphering Today’s Travel Lingo

March 09, 2016 3 min read

photo credit Moyan Brenn

photo credit Moyan Brenn

Heading on a foodcation anytime soon? Don’t forget to post a braggie from your poshtel room. It’s all the rage these days.
If you’re scratching your head, not to fret; we’ve assembled a handy travel dictionary to help you translate the latest travel trends and terms into plain language. Whether you’re a buddymooner or a savvy geotourist, you’ll soon have the lingo down pat.
It’s the antithesis of FOMO. A braggie is a not-so-subtle snap posted to social media intended to cause serious vacation envy from your friends, fans and followers. Often seen accompanied by various iterations of the #goals hashtag, braggies can range from shamelessly boastful to a subtle humblebrag in photo form. Epic sunsets, sunny beaches and costumed Oktoberfest shots are frequent offenders.
Who says a honeymoon is just for two? Newlyweds—many of whom have already enjoyed several one-on-one vacations with their new husband or wife in the pre-wedding days—are extending honeymoon invitations to their nearest and dearest friends and family. Buddymoons are all about sharing the good times with your pals, whether it’s in the form of an extended destination wedding or a celebratory trip between besties. Hey, even Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux did it!
If your vacation revolves around mouth-watering experiences, it’s safe to say you’re going on a foodcation. From the perfect brunch to road-side food trucks, from fine dining at world famous restaurants to fresh market finds, foodcations are all about delicious culinary experiences.
Worried about the footprint caused by mainstream tourist activities? Consider geotourism, a form of tourism that, according to National Geographic, “sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place,” including the local culture and environment. This mindful method of travel is about getting out of your comfort zone, absorbing what’s around you and undertaking authentic experiences in a responsible, respectful way.
Skip the pricey hotel room in favor of your own bed in a local’s home. With a homestay, your host opens up his or her home and rents you a bed or a room for a day, a week or whatever you decide on. There are plenty of perks, like having the opportunity to practice the local language or sampling some delectable home cooked meals.
Peer-to-Peer Dining
Whether you’re talking about computer servers or financing, peer-to-peer is all about connecting and sharing with someone else. The concept can also extend to dining: connect with a local, who will invite you over for a home-cooked meal packed with fresh, local ingredients. In exchange for a delicious dinner made with love, you offer witty banter and a reasonable, agreed upon sum of money. It’s a great way to sample the area’s cuisine andto make connections with locals. EatWith, Mealsharing, Travel Spoon and VizEat are just a few examples of websites that will hook you up with your own peer-to-peer dining experience.
The poshtel—posh + hostel—is best described as a boutique-style hostel, with more upscale amenities (think free WiFi, fitness centers and the like) and a more luxurious feel than your typical hostel. What makes it different from a hotel? Shared rooms, shared bathrooms and common kitchens are a mainstay at poshtels, but private rooms are usually available for an extra fee. Rooms are simple and minimalist, and tend to be more affordable than a hotel. Poshtels reflect the local vibe and culture, and they’re a great bet for a unique experience in your destination of choice.
Magee Walker
Magee Walker was a late bloomer to the snowboard scene, but thankfully discovered the joys of the sport after moving to Vancouver and spending weekends in Whistler. She’s now lucky enough to call Whistler her full-time home and spends her days conquering the mountain, by foot in the summer and by snowboard boot in the winter.

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