July 31, 2017 3 min read

We often hear our loved ones say “have a safe trip!” when we go on vacation. But how many of us really do?
Find out how you can do just that with ouranti-theft bags along with some handy tips onhow to avoid pickpockets and thieves.

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings        
The first step oftheft prevention is to be aware of your surroundings when you’re out and about. If you don’t, you’ll become an easy target. You should also maintain a safe distance from strangers – including children. In fact, there are many child pickpockets across Europe and Asia, as they can get closer to their targets without raising any suspicion.
You should also be conscious of the many scams that pickpockets and thieves use to distract tourists like the fake charity worker scam, which is popular in Paris.
It usually involves a group of young girls with clipboards who’ll approach you and point to a clipboard while signaling that they’re deaf and mute. They want you to sign their petition for charity — the ‘charity’ is fake and the money often goes to the human traffickers who control these girls. While the tourist is signing or reading the petition, there is often an accomplice who’d try to steal from the victim.

2. Invest in Lockable Bags
To prevent getting your items stolen while you’re on a holiday, carry a bag with lockable zippers as this is one of the best methods of pickpocket prevention. ThePacsafe Vibe 25 anti-theft 25L backpack will come in handy if you’re in this situation. Designed with a special Roobarsport locking system, it lets you lock down your zippers to prevent thieves from accessing your backpack from behind.

3. Avoid the Back Pocket
Most men tend to keep their wallets in the back pocket of their trousers for easy access, but this is the last thing you should do. If you want an easy access to your cash, keep thePacsafe RFIDsafe™ Tec Bifold Wallet in your front pocket. Its RFIDsafe™ technology is essential as it will prevent identity thieves from scanning and obtaining your credit card or passport information.
4. Keep Valuables Hidden
Don’t walk with valuables like your phone in your hand, because pickpockets are opportunistic and they’d use tactics like bumping into you and running away with your valuables when you drop it. Instead, keep it safe in thePacsafe Vibe 200 anti-theft compact travel bag. Aside from its anti-theft features like RFIDsafe™ technology, the Roobarsport locking system and the PopNLock security clip to prevent bag snatchers, the Vibe 200 also offers plenty of space to keep your wallet, phone, and even a tablet.

5. Invest in Slashproof Bags
Besides ensuring you have proper zipper security, it’s also important to have slashproof straps. This will prevent bag slashers from cutting your bag straps and running off with your things, especially in crowded places like in the subway or night markets. Luckily, all the bags in thePacsafe Vibe Series have hidden eXomesh® (a strong, lightweight and flexible stainless steel wire mesh)and Carrysafe® (two thin wires) slashguard straps to prevent this from ever happening.  

6. Never Leave Gear Unattended
Don’t ever leave your belongings alone, even if it’s just for a minute. Sometimes, even your presence won’t deter pickpockets and thieves, so carry a bag which has TurnNLock security hooks like thePacsafe Venturesafe 15L GII anti-theft day pack as it allows you to lock your bag to a secure fixture and keep your valuables safe while you’re busy eating or falling asleep on the train.
7. Avoid Looking Like A Tourist
Pickpockets usually target tourists, so try not to look like one, if possible. You can do this by reading maps beforehand so that you can easily get to your destination without looking vulnerable. Besides that, avoid doing what most tourists do – wearing their DSLR around their necks at all times. Not only does this make you look like a tourist but it also creates the perfect situation for thieves to steal your camera. Instead, keep it safe in any of ouranti-theft camera bags.

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