The World's Four Best Spots for High Tea

June 13, 2016 3 min read

High Tea
Thirsty for the best high tea experiences? High tea is one of those unique, fun things to do. Before we let you in on these top tea spots to try, let’s talk about a little history. High tea was introduced by the seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna, in 1840. Dinner was served quite late, and she would find herself hankering for something light to eat in between lunch and dinner. She invited friends over to join her to enjoy tea and snacks, making it popular to those in her social circle. Eventually, the high-class Victorian ladies adopted high tea as a social activity. The tradition has continued today, with many of the world’s premium hotels and eateries serving high tea.
Fortnum & Mason at London, UK
London is one of the most popular places for an authentic high tea experience.
Guaranteed to be a high-class affair, Fortnum & Mason is a posh choice for those who want to taste a large range of tea. You’ll be able to sip your way through more than 80 types of tea to find the blend that perfectly suits your taste buds.
High tea is located at the Diamond Jubilee Salon on the 4th floor at Fortnum & Mason, and boasts a sweeping view of Piccadilly. Tea and scones are served in their signature turquoise china, and you’ll feel like a queen as you sip their Queen Anne blend.
At the price of $40 per person, you can book an afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason online. Tourists love this spot, so be sure to book early!
The Verandah at Galle Face Hotel, Sri Lanka
Galle Face Hotel boasts a wonderful high tea that is as English as…well, tea. It boasts brilliant reviews and being one of the oldest hotels in Sri Lanka, it is also the best place to go for Ceylon tea.
Must-haves at The Verandah High Tea are their soft macaroons and assorted intense, bite-sized éclairs. With a beautiful view of the ocean and delicious treats, you’re sure to be seduced.
La Galerie at Four Seasons, Paris
The Four Seasons Hotel is known for its excellent treatment of guests, and you can expect no different at La Galerie. It’s an elegant, luxurious Parisian-chic lounge perfect for afternoon tea.
Open from 8am to 2am, La Galerie welcomes you with blissful piano music, beautiful 19th century paintings, floral arrangements, soft carpets and chandeliers. There are three options for tea, the George V High Tea, French-Style High Tea, and Celebratory High Tea. Unlike the traditional high tea, French-Style High Tea puts more emphasis on the pastry than tea.
You mustn’t leave La Galerie without trying their delicate mille-feuille. They feature trays of soft, sweet crumbly pastries with cream. Take a peek at their high tea menu here.
The House of Roosevelt, Shanghai, China
The House of Roosevelt  is not only the city’s largest wine cellar, it’s also a bistro, a super-elite member’s club, and a conservative fine-dining restaurant with gorgeous rooftop views across the river.
On the rooftop is the Roosevelt Sky Bar, and the restaurant is on the 8th floor. The building has a long and interesting history, and was reconstructed in 2008 while preserving its rich heritage .The majestic building was built in the early 1920s, housing a rich colonial trading firm, Jardine Matheson & Co. During the Second World War, it was even occupied by Japanese communists.
You can see numerous tall skyscrapers dotting the horizon across the famous waterfront – The Bund, from the rooftop. Let the wind caress your hair as you nibble on bite size desserts served with tea. If you’re a fan of wine, the Sky Bar serves a large selection of vino as well.
Now you can satisfy your cravings in the best spots for high tea, enjoying great views, sweets and a relaxing ambiance at the same time. What other places would you recommend for a premium high tea?

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