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Conscious – makes choices that better the wellbeing of themselves, other people and the planet.

Traveler someone who explores the world for new experiences, connections and insight.

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Travelers have always been fairly engaged with the world around them. Almost by definition, if you’re curious enough to get out and experience the wider world, you’re much more likely to be concerned about the impact you can have on it for better or worse. In recent years, we’ve seen an acceleration of this, with people out on adventures thinking beforehand about how they can travel smarter and make a positive difference. Things like offsetting carbon emissions on flights,Eco Tourism, or volunteering while abroad are just the beginning. Here are three more reasons why we’re seeing a rise of the conscious traveler…


The effect of social media on the world is often seen as being negative. One might, for example, be concerned about howgeotagging a secret destination can blow out that place with too many people. While that is true, often social media is bringing these issues to people’s attention and helping them see a better way. Just think about tourists who have put up images of plastic pollution on once pristine beaches, or even better, showcasing a neat solution like a reusable water bottle they’ve found. Because of social media, we can now become problem and solution aware in a single scroll, while getting a hit of travel inspiration at the same time. 


Tourist destinations are often the first to recognise why people visit their home, and when that attraction is being endangered. As a result, more and more tourist destinations are getting on the front foot. They now educate visitors on the best ways to behave while exploring the area. This then opens people’s eyes to think about how they should carry themselves wherever they are. You can keep locals, the environment and animals in mind, while still having fun. Those travelers then share the wisdom with their friends (possibly via social media) and the loop continues.

These travel destinations are just the tip of the pile of those wanting to do travel better.


As travelers start to think more about how they can improve their impact, brands are rising to the challenge. They’re offering better products to support better choices. Patagonia have obviously led the charge here. They are inspiring a generation of new businesses wanting to make a better world. Intrepid Travel is an example in Australia doing great things.Hydroflask from America is another. Pacsafe have also been working hard to offer anti-theft travel bags made from recycled plastic. No matter who you choose, it’s about searching for ways to make better choices. Thankfully, more and more travelers are doing just that.

To join our own community of conscious travelers, head to Pacsafe’sInstagram orFacebook pages and engage in the discussion. 

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