The Peace of Mind Holiday Gift Guide. 

As the festive season approaches it’s time to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them with a gift or two. You might even treat yourself a little. Picking out the right gift can be tough. Do they need it? Do they want it? Will it put a smile on their face? A great present often shows how well you know a person and surprises them with something they didn’t know they couldn’t live without. Accessories like bags and wallets are especially great because you don’t have to worry about size fitting perfectly and you know they’re going to use them almost every day. Add in some extra security features and you’re gifting them some peace of mind for their day-to-day lives so they can focus on the things that matter, without worrying about their gear. Here is a guide to help you find that perfect gift for people who love to travel, people who work in an office, people who want something more sustainable, and more. This is the peace of mind holiday gift guide.


Whether you’re traveling to unknown places, or are staying in an Airbnb for a holiday break, it’s always a great idea to pack a little security. These portable safes are perfect to pack into luggage and can be used anywhere to lock up things like laptops, tablets, passports, and jewelry. A 360° wire Exomesh and sturdy locking mechanism mean they’ll have the peace of mind to concentrate on having an amazing time during their holiday, rather than worrying about whether their valuables are okay.

Shop Portable Safeshere.


This Z400 Anti-Theft Briefcase has fast become one of Pacsafe’s best-selling items because of its versatility while commuting, sophisticated yet casual look and innovative anti-theft features. Mostly popular with creative professionals, it takes a 15’’ Macbook, has organization for a tablet, notepad, pens and cables, plus has locking zips and more to keep it all safe.

Shop the popular Z400here.


Getting a gift that they’ll use all the time is one thing. Having that gift be kinder to the environment is going the extra mile. It’s even a must for a lot of people. This Limited Edition backpack is made with ECONYL®  – a regenerated nylon fiber that means less plastic ends up in our oceans. The backpack itself is also designed to secure your gear with patented anti-theft technology. Even better still, 100% of profits from its sale go to Pacsafe’s Turtle Fund. Win/Win/Win. Peace of mind all round.

Shop the Vibe 28L ECONYL® anti-theft backpackhere.


Let’s face it. Ladies generally have a lot more style than guys. So, you want to get her a gift that still has top-level function, yet adds grace into the equation. The Citysafe CX Series of Bags was created to do just that. Women’s bags that look good and offer an ease that only comes with justified confidence. The anti-theft backpack is the bestseller here, but the anti-theft handbags are also a winner that will have you in the good books.

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For that guy who likes to keep things agile, with smart features added in. This latest Pacsafe backpack style is ideal for exploring the city or jetsetting around the world. It has a sleek shape that fits his essential gear, organizes things for fast access and secures it all to keep everything protected.

Shop the Venturesafe X 24L Anti-theft Backpackhere.


Well under $200 at $119.95, this Metrosafe 25L style is Pacsafe’s #1 selling backpack – for good reason. It offers great security features in a look that’s at home just about anywhere, on just about anyone. It has a padded sleeve for a 15’’ laptop as well, so can be used for work, travel or a mixture of both.

Shop the Metrosafe LS450 Anti-Theft 25L backpackhere.


This new addition to the popular Metrosafe range offers great value and solid security. The 15 liter size is fantastic for short day trips and sightseeing. Slim, compact and packed with internal organization, the LS350 is an ideal travel companion. Give them the gift of peace of mind exploration.

Shop the Metrosafe LS350 Anti-Theft 15L backpackhere.


Cash, cards, phone, and keys. We all carry these items with us daily. Why not give a gift that will make them think of you everytime they pull it out of their pocket? The added bonus of the two styles shown here is that they both have RFID protection built in. That means your loved one won’t have to worry about unwanted scans of their credit cards or personal details, whether accidental or otherwise.

Shop the women’s Citysafe CX Wristlet Wallethere.

Shop the men’s RFIDsafe Tec Bifold Wallet here.

Hopefully, this peace of mind gift guide has offered a little peace of mind to you in your gift shopping. Enjoy the festive season and, as always, Safe Travels.  

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