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July 13, 2017 3 min read

With 30-degree sweltering heat in Hong Kong, it’s safe to say that summer has finally arrived. With that in mind, it’s time to start planning for your perfectsummer vacation. But where should you go? City or coastline? Rejuvenate or rave? Don’t sweat it – we have some of the hippestsummer destinations ideas for you.

Despite the negative publicity that Philippines has received lately, there’s no doubt that this beautiful country is worth a visit. Philippines consists more than 7,000 stunning islands for you to explore, visit and enjoy. While summer marks the start of the rainy season (June to October), don’t let this dampen your spirits – this gorgeous country still has much to offer. For the wildlife lovers, Bohol offers you a chance to take a peek at some of the rarest animals in the world, such as the tarsier, the world’s smallest primate. Sorsogon, on the other hand, is home to a large marine sanctuary where you can feed brightly colored fishes and friendly turtles. The Southern province is also home to a protected rainforest. As for the beach bums, head down to El Nido, Palawan to relax and tan on the white sandy shore. If you want to hit the water to get a closer look at the colorful reefs and sea animals, dive into the clearest water in the world.

French Polynesia
French Polynesia has always been a dream destination for everyone, thanks to its crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and gorgeous ‘floating’ bungalows. Lucky for you, the best time to visit French Polynesia is during the summer, but do keep in mind that the island tends to be busier at this time of year. You’ve probably heard of Tahiti and Bora-Bora, two of the most commonly visited islands and though they’re utterly gorgeous, you should check out lesser known islands like Mo’orea – a 10-minute flight from Tahiti – that houses the largest reef ecosystem in the world.

Sri Lanka
The best time to visit Sri Lanka is during the month of July and August – also known as the “inter-monsoon” season, when it’s warm and sunny across the entire country! This diverse country has so much to offer: gorgeous beaches, tea plantations, safari adventures, stunning world heritage sites and more. But the most popular destination has got to be the historic city of Galle, a fortified old city founded by the Portuguese. However, don’t forget to explore off-the-beat locations like Kandy (tea plantation), Yala (a gorgeous coast with a national park for the nature lovers) and Trincomalee (one of the most beautiful beaches in the region).

City dwellers, this one’s for you. For those who prefer to roam busy streets instead of relaxing on the beach, try Amsterdam. Like most European cities, summer’s the best time to visit. Not only is the weather warm and beautiful, there are tons of activities, fun festivals and parades for you to explore too! And as cliché as it may seem, visiting Amsterdam during the summer also means that you can take a float down the beautiful inner city canals and bask in the exquisite sites without feeling too hot or cold. For cycling enthusiasts, this city is extremely bike-friendly, making exploring super affordable and convenient.

In case you haven’t heard, Iceland has skyrocketed to popularity in recent years and was undoubtedly one of the most visited places last year. Since then, the hype has died down a little, which is why now’s the best time to visit! Although many still associate Iceland with cold temperature, this country has a lot to offer during the warm weather, too. In fact, Iceland is home to one of the biggest puffin colonies in the world and they only hang around from April through August. As for the traditionalists who just want to sit back, relax and lick some ice-cream (it is summer, after all), check out the famed geothermal beach in Nauthólsvík, Reykjavík.
By Aislinn
Canada born and Hong Kong raised, Aislinn has been a part of Hong Kong’s TCK community her entire life. Despite recently getting a degree in the Medical Sciences and Biology, she has decided to take some time to explore the finer things in life including (but not limited to!) writing, photography, food and fashion. You will often find her in the company of her pet Yorkie, Wasabi. Follow Aislinn on her adventureshere.

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