Pacsafe’s First Ever Women’s Collection

In Pacsafe’s 20-year history there have been plenty of anti-theft styles for women to help provide peace of mind when carrying your gear. Yet, there was never a full collection specifically for women until Citysafe CX – Pacsafe’s First Ever Women’s Collection. For style without compromising on security, the  Citysafe CX range is full of on-trend colors and shapes to complement women on-the-go. Whether at a meeting downtown, hitting the gym, or heading out for happy hour, each piece is designed to keep your essentials safe and on hand.

Pacsafe designer Marcus Johnnson explains that the idea for Citysafe CX started when: “We set out to create a range of products that were versatile and inspiring. Functionality is important for our customers, but we knew we could offer something where the bag was also bought for its beauty. This is that collection.” 

Who Is It For?

Citysafe CX is designed especially for the style-conscious woman who wants some extra security in her accessories. From bags that have lockable zips, to purses that have RFIDsafe™ protection to shield your personal details from unwanted scans, there is an entire range of options, all in fashionable silhouettes, colors and finishing detail.

What Does It Help You Do?

As the name suggests, the Citysafe CX collection helps you feel safe in the city. By adding anti-theft features to design-led bags and purses, you can go about your day with confidence that you’re not only looking good but also have your essentials securely under wraps. There are backpacks and crossbody bags that fit in a laptop, change of clothes and makeup, plus slim briefcases that take you to work and back, safe and stylish all the way.  

What Are People Saying About It?

There are literally hundreds of positive comments about the Citysafe CX collection from customers on the Pacsafe website.

Robin C has said of theanti-theft backpack: “So pleased with my purchase! Used every day during 4 week trip to Europe – large enough to carry all the essentials and still look stylish. Felt secure with all the anti-theft features. Highly recommend this bag.”

Dorothy M. has said of theanti-theft square crossbody: “Great compact size, great burgundy color, hangs well across the body, not awkward. I’ve started using it a month before my trip to get used to it, and I’m really happy with this bag. I will probably continue using it as my regular bag after my trip.”

Vloggers and Bloggers have also dropped some great reviews on Citysafe CX styles.Alison Wanders has said “I’ve been very happy with Pacsafe and the peace of mind their products offer and I’m so glad they’ve made a versatile and more fashionable line.”

Compass and Twine made this fun clip of the Citysafe CX anti-theftback in action. Check it out.

Anti-Theft Features

Depending on the style you choose, there are different anti-theft features to either help protect the bag itself, belongings within, or your identity.

Key ones to look out for are bag straps you can unclip and then loop around the table at a cafe, or to the rail on a subway train – letting you set the bag down without worrying someone with run past and snatch it.

There are also the zip tabs and clips that deter pickpockets from being able to quickly and easily steal your things, plus slashguard panels to protect against any kind of cut & run, bag slashing theft.

There’s even RFIDsafe pockets in the bags and purses. This means you can store your passport or credit cards inside, knowing that they’re protected against high-tech identity theft.

Hopefully, you don’t ever actually have someone try to steal your things, but you’ll rest that bit easier knowing your accessories have some safety built in, in the unlikely event something should happen.

How Is It Different From Other Collections?

Compared with other Pacsafe collections, that are normally built for adventure travel, are unisex, or even directed especially toward men, the Citysafe CX collection is exclusively designed for women. Add in the fact that it has Pacsafe’s patented anti-theft technology built into the bags and you have a truly unique collection you simply won’t find anywhere else.

The Latest In The Collection

The Citysafe CX Slim Briefcase is a secure, stylish brief that features room for a laptop, luggage slip-on attachment, and a convenient locking system perfect for a commute or traveling. This style is for professionals in the city, who need something that will come to work with them, but can step out to dinner after and still look perfectly in place.

The Blue Orchard colorway is a print that adds a little further feminine touch to an already elegant collection. It can be found in the popular Citysafe CX anti-theft backpack, square crossbody, wristlet wallet and more.

The shop the full Citysafe CX collection, clickhere.

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