Music Festival Essentials – What to Wear and Bring

June 07, 2016 3 min read

Music Festival - What to bring
It’s that time of year again…festival season! Check out our guide to the best of festival fashion outfits, plus tips on everything you need to make the most of your music festival experience.
What to Wear
1. Crop Tops & Shorts
When the sun’s beating down and you’re vibing to the music, all you want is to feel the cool breeze. Don a crop top and pair it with shorts for the quintessential festival look. Add a drapey top that covers you loosely for protection against the harsh rays of the sun, and it keeps you warm when it cools down.
2. Off-Shoulder Tops & Skirts
Channel your inner Stevie Nicks and get the gypsy look with a boho-inspired off-shoulder top matched with a long, drapey patterned skirt. It’s the perfect, free and easy combo for dancing along to the music!
3. Knitted Tops & Denim
Knitted tops are cool, and easy to wear. For that classic and effortless festival look, pair your top with cut-off denim shorts or a pair of on-trend denim overalls.
4. Sneakers & Ankle Boots
While style is important, you’re going to be on your feet for a long time, so when it comes to your footwear selection, comfort is key. Sneakers such as classic Chuck Taylors are comfortable and great to walk in. A pair of leather ankle boots will also pair well with the outfit options listed above, and are great if the festival location happens to be muddy.
5. Bohemian Pendants, Bracelets & Necklaces
Complement your free-spirited style with the right accessories –  bohemian smooth beads, jade or silver jewellery all work well.
6. 60s Retro Shades
Put on a pair of shades to keep your eyes safe from the sun and look timeless at the same time. Bonus points if you look like Janis Joplin.
What to Bring
1. Stylish, yet Secure Bags
With large numbers of people present at music festivals, it’s best to carry a durable bag. Deceptively stylish yet made with the intention to help prevent theft, Pacsafe bags are the must-have bag for music fests.For example, theSlingsafe™ LX50 mini cross body bags are designed to work against pickpocketing and slashing. They have an eXomesh® slashguard which protects against slashing and smart zipper security which discreetly hooks the zip pullers to help prevent pickpocketing.
2. Glow Accessories
Light up the night with fun glowing accessories. Not only will your dance moves look slick in the photos you post to your Instagram, it’ll be easier to find you in the night if you get separated from your squad!
3. Drinks
Stay well hydrated and reduce the chance of heat stroke by bringing bottles of water or sports drinks to the event. You can also spray water at your friends if you feel like pranking them.
4. Raincoats
Check the weather before leaving for the festival. If you find out there’s rain, don’t let it ruin your festival fun. Bring raincoats, or large waterproof sheets. If it rains, at least this will make sure you stay dry. The large waterproof sheets can also double as a picnic mat.
There you have it, everything you need to look great and have fun at your favourite festival this season. Do you have a music festival essential you can’t live without? Tell us about it below!

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