May 26, 2017 3 min read

Going on an adventure soon? It’s time to brush up on your photography skills! Here are some tips on how to take Instagram-worthy photos so you can relive your travel adventures through your Instagram feed.

Photo credit: @steve_zeinner

Angles are what makes yourtravel pictures unique and intriguing. Don’t be afraid to explore unusual angles when capturing your photos. When you find your subject, look the other way to find another object to border the subject. You might also want to try placing your camera close to the ground to capture the texture of the ground closely and get a better composition.

Photo credit: @taylorcutfilms

The Rule of Thirds is an essential photography technique to improve the composition and balance of any image. This rule requires you to break your image into three equal parts (vertically, horizontally or both) hence, the camera grid lines divide your photos into 3×3 boxes.
Just align your subjects with the lines and their intersection points to naturally draw the viewer’s eye to them. Place the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allow linear features in the image to flow from section to section. Presto, you’ve got a killer shot!

Photo credit: @theogoselin

Lighting plays a huge role in photography as it affects the mood of your photos. Most experts and travel bloggers agree that it’s best to use natural light whenever possible. Using flash may result in overexposed images, while artificial light could tint your photographs yellow.
Some people prefer to shoot with softer light, during cloudy weather, while others prefer the harsh afternoon sunlight. Choose your favourite type of natural lighting and you may develop your own style with it.
Create your own style by staying consistent with your Instagram posts. Your style might not be 100% original but it is uniquely you. If all yourInstagram pictures have a similar aesthetic, it will look more appealing when viewing them together. Consistency is key, and instead of thinking about each Instagram post, think ahead and plan out your feed as a whole.

Photo credit: @mrbenbrown

5.Depth and Scale
When composing a shot, take into account the different elements in the foreground, midground and background of the shot. AnInstagram-worthy photo is supposed to help the viewers relate to what you had witnessed with your own eyes. If your images are missing a sense of depth and scale, it fails to convey the majesty of the place that was apparent when you were there. Including another object that is closer by (foreground) gives your image some depth.
Hint: This is your chance to include yourself in the photographs!
With so many mobile photo editing tools available, it’s easy to overdo it, resulting in unnatural looking images. If you’re a beginner, stick to the golden three: brightness, contrast and saturation. Explore some filters to create your own style, but always compare them to your original to make sure you haven’t over-edited.

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