August 22, 2016 3 min read

When was the last time you went on a vacation with your whole family? And I’m not talking about the days when you were a kid… Spending time with your family as a grown-up doesn’t always have to be back home for Christmas or other holidays and birthdays – travelling is a great way to bond and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

I just spent an amazing weekend in the Swiss Alps with my whole family and it’s been so much fun. If you’re thinking about a family vacation, I have some crucial tips for you:
family vacation mountains

  1. Plan in advance

When planning a family vacation it would be amazing if everyone really got the time, so plan in advance and maybe doodle a date which works for everyone if you all have busy schedules.

  1. Find a destination everyone will like

Maybe your mom likes the mountains, but your sister wants beach-time and your dad wants to explore a city… finding the perfect place for everyone isn’t easy sometimes, but you really should think about a destination everyone can agree with. What about a cool city somewhere in the mountains and close to some pretty lakes?
vacation house

  1. Where to stay

Do you want an all-inclusive hotel or rent a house for the whole family? Maybe cooking together is what you like then an own vacation house can be a lot of fun. Maybe you all just want to relax and let someone else take care of the rest, then you should think about staying in a hotel. Make this a group decision!

  1. Think about activities everyone will enjoy

You’ll probably spend a lot of time during a family vacation with eating and talking, but you can’t eat and talk all the time. Are there any sports everyone likes? Hiking, for example, is a great activity for the whole family. Just make sure to pick a route which fits every fitness level. Maybe your dad likes to climb mountains and your brother is pretty lazy – then better don’t do the 11h uphill hike, but settle for the 4h easy hike and see if your brother is up for more the next day.
paragliding vacation 2

  1. Plan some extra-thrill

A family vacation is also there to bring you all closer together – perfect for some group activities where you have to leave your comfort zone. My family, for example, went paragliding and it’s been so much fun! You think your mom isn’t into stuff like this? Just suggest it… maybe your family will surprise you (just like mine did).

  1. Have a backup plan

Maybe the weather is shitty or something else happens and you get stuck in the house or hotel. Bring some games or movies. Also good for evenings or lazy mornings!

  1. Enjoy and chill

Most important: relax! You’re on vacation and maybe things don’t work out as you’ve planned them or maybe someone is in a bad mood. Don’t freak out. Talk about it. Make group decision. Don’t fight. There’s always a solution for everything. And don’t forget: you have the best family in the world. Period.
Yvonne Zagermann
Yvonne is the publisher of JUST travelous, an award-winning travel blog that focuses on unique experiences, adventure travel, and flashpacking. Yvonne surprises readers with unique experiences which show you the world from a different angle—whether she’s falling from a camel in Oman, surviving a cobra attack in South Africa, or getting a tattoo by a Buddhist monk. JUST travelous is written in English and German, and in addition to being one of the best travel blogs in Germany, it’s one of the Top 100 international travel blogs.

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