The Venturesafe G2 collection of bags has been among Pacsafe’s best selling anti-theft backpacks for years. Their versatile nature means they’ve been the go-to bag for lots of people when it comes to adapting between everyday use and all day adventures. So what happens when you want to redefine those styles to make them even better? EVP of Global Product at Pacsafe, Phil Hayes says it’s all about combining modern looks and the latest anti-theft technology, to create something that will stand the test of time and become a ‘new classic’.

“With the new G3 Venturesafe collection, we’ve taken those best selling backpack shapes people love and streamlined the designs to be sleeker. Then, we used the latest developments in anti-theft to make things more secure where people need it. It’s all aimed at creating bags that are ultra versatile to suit whatever experience people are personally looking to enjoy – whether that’s a day trip in the city, or jumping a flight to somewhere new.”

Here’s a look at the key difference between the G2 Venturesafe Series and the G3 Venturesafe Series.

The look…

Clean lines and tonal colors help to give the bags a more contemporary feel.

The technology…

The bags now have fully lockable zips that all secure to a single, sturdy point. Perfect for protecting your belongings if storing your bag in the overhead on a flight and want to relax with a mid-flight snooze.

New anchor straps let you lock the bag to an immovable object. Think going for a quick swim at the beach while your backpack sits anchored to a chair or rail. Also great for a relaxing coffee on a busy street while the bag is strapped to your table.

Straps reinforced with cut-resistant Dyneema mean the Venturesafe G3 bags are even more equipped to withstand the rigors of the road.

The features…

A new airmesh backing to the Venturesafe G3 bags means increased airflow when carrying. This helps you to stay fresh and avoid that ‘sweaty-back’ feeling if things heat up.

A new attachment point for a visibility light is great for cyclists or walkers who want to stay noticed at night and keep that bit safer.


Every bag in the collection has its own additional features. This includes organization for a laptop, clothes, snacks, water bottles, or whatever your daily essentials are. Here’s a snapshot of each bag. Click the links next to them to see the one you like in extra detail.

Venturesafe G3 15L Anti-Theft Backpack

Stay agile with this compact anti-theft backpack that fits your daily essentials. Offering room for some clothes, a few snacks, water bottle and even a laptop it’s perfect for a day in the city, or a flight to somewhere new. For more click here.

Venturesafe G3 25L Anti-Theft Backpack

Experience a backpack as versatile as you. With a classic design and innovative anti-theft security, it adapts to a world of situations, letting you take your laptop, spare clothes, and other all day adventure essentials, on lock. For more click here.

Venturesafe G3 28L Anti-Theft Backpack

Go large with this mid-size, anti-theft backpack that fits more in. A spacious interior lets you store your laptop, daily gear, notebooks and pens, all secured with lockable zips and a loop strap that fixes to any handy anchor point. For more click here.

Venturesafe G3 32L Anti-Theft Backpack

A big anti-theft backpack for those who like to pack a lot in. This 32-liter daypack organizes all of your gear in separate compartments, designed for easy use and access. A laptop, notebook and your favorite outfit are just the beginning –  all secured with smart security. For more click here.

To shop the full Venturesafe G3 collection, headhere.

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