Hot air balloon rides are up there with the greatest experiences you’ll have while traveling. There’s nothing quite like floating above a landscape, peacefully taking everything in from a bird’s eye view. The best hot air balloon rides are ones where you’re prepared and know what to expect. It means you’re relaxed and fully immersed in the moment instead of worrying about anything. To help get you ready for any hot air balloon rides you’re thinking about taking, here’s a top 5 checklist of things you’ll want to consider.

1. Be patient about the schedule

All hot air balloon rides are weather dependent. You’re hoping for light winds, no rain and generally favorable conditions. A lot of the time, that means you’re getting up very early or leaving things until very late afternoon. Make sure you’re ready for hot air balloon rides to be rescheduled, postponed by a few hours, or potentially cancelled altogether. If you manage those expectations, you’re more likely to have a positive experience once you do get in the air. 

2. Go to the bathroom before all hot air balloon rides

One thing people often overlook when going on hot air balloon rides – there are no toilets on board. Considering you’ll be in the air for a couple of hours, always make sure you use the bathroom before take-off. Once again, the best hot air balloon rides are the ones when you’re fully relaxed. Nothing quite brings stress along like busting a thousand feet up, with nowhere you can possibly go. Much better to be sorted in advance.

3. Dress appropriately

Pants and layers are the name of the game when it comes to hot air balloon rides. Skirts and dresses aren’t really practical in terms of moving around without any potential snags. Bulky jackets can get way too sweaty near the burners, even if it is cold out. Wear layers you can easily peel off as the morning heats up (think zippers not pullovers) and keep things practical. While hot air balloon rides are often a special occasion for many, you should think beyond dressing to impress.  

4. Be ready for the landing

Hot air balloon rides are the best way to fly when it comes to smooth sailing. However, sometimes the landing can offer a bit of a jolt. Even if the first touchdown is soft, hold tight. The second or third kiss onto land can cause people to lose their balance on hot air balloon rides. Wait until everything is fully stopped before departing. And, make sure you give a big thank you to the pilot if they manage to keep things bump free the entire time. 

5. Pack light and pack safe

There isn’t a lot of room in the basket during hot air balloon rides, so make sure you’re taking the bare essentials. Water, a snack, some sun cream, and of course a camera are all key. If you’re leaving some gear on the ground during your hot air balloon rides, it helps to have it packed in ananti-theft backpack so you’re not concerned about security while in the air. Another great safety item is asecure wrist strap for your camera. Keep the memories of the hot air balloon rides safe. Keep people on the ground protected against debris from the heavens. 

Until next time, we hope your hot air balloon rides are something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We say hot air balloonrides because once you’ve done one, you’ll want to go back again, and again, and again. 

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