April 05, 2017 3 min read

Indulge in a well-deserved holiday while making a positive impact on the environment with theseeco-friendly holiday destinations. From educational expeditions in Costa Rica to experiencing therapeutic spa remedies in Iceland, you will find yourself feeling more connected to the nature and the environment around you in no time.

New Zealand
Most thrill-seekers know that New Zealand is one of the best destinations for extreme adventures. But did you know that the country is known for itseco-adventures, too? Take a hike and reconnect with nature in Rotorua to learn more about the New Zealand forest ecosystem, native wildlife, threats and their conservation plans.
If exploring forests is not your thing, head underground for a cool cave experience at Waitomo. Marvel at the wonder of the glow worm, a small carnivorous larvae that attracts food by glowing. Don’t forget to bring along yourPacsafe Vibe 100 Anti-theft hip pack when you go caving. It’s lightweight and comfortable enough for you to bring it anywhere.  

Compared to the other states in the US, Alaska is considered a mecca foreco-tourists as it has a unique combination of exhilarating activities, authentic lodging and warm hospitality. In fact, it offers hikers and backpackers opportunities to explore the enormous backcountry by foot.
One of the best places to explore its beauty is through Chugach State Park. It is a nest of wilderness mountains, forests and crystal clear lakes situated just outside the state’s largest city, Anchorage. Take thePacsafe Venturesafe™  EXP45 Anti-theft 45L carry-on travel pack with you. Its spacious main compartment allows you to store your camping and hiking gears.

Did you know that Iceland has the cleanest energy consumer in the world? Thanks to its access to natural resources like hydro and geothermal energy, 75 per cent of its total energy consumption comes from natural resources. TheBlue Lagoon, one of the world’s most famous attractions, is a natural geothermal spa outside of Reykjavik and it offers tourists to some of the most natural spa experiences in the world.
For adventurers, there are lots of guided tours out there that offer activities like ice climbing, glacier walking, horseback riding and cross-country expeditions. Safeguard your belongings withPacsafe Vibe 25 Anti-theft 25L backpack when you’re out adventuring. It’s easy to carry and has two side stretch pocket to store your bottles.  

Costa Rica
Often described as the Switzerland of the Western Hemisphere, Costa Ricaeco-expeditions offer inquisitive travelers a rich array of activities like river rafting, sea turtle spotting, cloud forest trekking and volcano watching. As it happens, the country is en route to becoming the first carbon neutral country by 2021.
Hike through the Manuel Antonio National Park or Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve with yourPacsafe Vibe 30 Anti-theft 30L backpack and get fascinated by the amazing plethora of wildlife and marine creatures. Besides that, you can also opt to get real contact with sea turtles at the Tortuguero National Park or be amazed by the environmental wonder of Arenal, an active volcano that also produce relaxing hot spring.  

South Africa
South Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world. Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and culture offer travelers a remarkable and inspiring experience. Journey off the beaten track to discover the beauty of the Karoo with an off-road cycling tour.
Take yourPacsafe Venturesafe™ EXP65 Anti-theft 65L travel pack with you. Its lightweight and ergonomic aluminium internal frame offers increased balance and support when biking. Aliwal Shoal, KwaZulu-Natal’s famous rocky reef was recently declared an International Hope Spot and it also happens to be one of the top dive sites in the world. Here, you get to swim with Manta Rays, dolphins and Whale Sharks in its briny sea.

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