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February 03, 2017 3 min read

When preparing for travel, the most tedious aspect is often the luggage. The inconvenience of a large luggage often brings anxiety during check-in, security checks and luggage off-loading. You can completely eliminate these obstacles by opting to use a carry-on!
Believe it or not, it is completely possible to fit a week’s (or even two or three weeks) worth of travel necessities into one carry-on. The key is to have atravel checklist of bringing only what you need, opt for portability and versatility and then condense when possible.
If this is your first time packing for travel with a single carry-on, this guideline totravel light will make it simple for you to pack like a  pro in no time.
1. Start with the right carry-on bag
2017CarryOnLuggage_Vibe40L_150DPI_RGB (1)
Begin with the largest bag size the airline allows. You can always downsize later if you feel that you don’t need the space. Find a bag that suits your comfort, organization, and ease of use. Pacsafe has a plethora of anti-theft bag options when it comes to carry-on requirements, like the new Vibe 40 Anti-theft 40L backpack or the Toursafe™ EXP21 anti-theft wheeled carry-on.
2. Pack the absolute necessities
2017CarryOnLuggage_PackTheEssentials_150DPI_RGB (1)
This means your footwear, outerwear and everyday clothing. Lay out your items and create complete outfits for each day – this is a great way to make sure that you will actually use all of the apparel that you pack. Bring things that are easy to mix and match, so you can pack light while looking like you’ve got plenty of outfit options. A good wardrobe will have 5 different tops, 3 pairs of pants (at least one pair of jeans and slacks), and 3 pairs of footwear (one pair of dress shoes and sneakers, the third pair is optional) at most. Be sure to take a look at the weather ahead of time and pack appropriately too.
3. Opt for small, portable items
After getting the larger items out of the way, you will likely only have room for smaller items for your vacation packing list. The easiest way to get everything to fit in your carry-on is to think portable. You can find just about anything in a portable, travel-sized form – from toiletry containers to portable-sized electronics such as dual voltage hair dryers, or even a travel pouch like the Pacsafe Coversafe™ V150 RFID blocking holster to keep your passport and wallet safe. Always think small and portable!
4. Simplify and aim for multifunctionality
Once you have the majority of your items packed, scan your belongings and see what can be swapped out for something that is multipurpose. For example, a travel flat iron can do both the job of a flat iron and a curling iron. Another example is bringing a very versatile pair of footwear as opposed to bringing two separate options. You get the point!
5. Follow carry-on bag policies
2017CarryOnLuggage_SizePolicies_150DPI_RGB (1)
Last but not least, follow the carry-on bag policies set by the airline. Most airlines have the same common rules. Remember not to bring sharp objects in your carry-on. Pack liquids and gels into clear bags so you can easily place them in the bins at security checkpoints. Also make sure that your bag is within the size and weight limit.
If you’ve never packed a carry-on for a trip abroad, the idea of fitting everything into one bag might be daunting. This step-by-step guide will ease the stress and have you packing a carry-on like a seasoned traveler!
Valentina Dang
Valentina Dang is a prolific professional makeup artist, travel blogger and YouTuber from Canada. Watch her travel vlogs today.

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