Berlin's Most Unique and Unusual Hotels

April 22, 2015 2 min read

Berlin is notable for its artistic counter culture. Public art, graffiti and memorials occupy city streets and public spaces. Now, Berlin’s creativity has moved indoors. Today, travelers sleep surrounded by eclectic designs questioning the artist’s thoughts and emotions. Unique and out-of-this-world conceptions unite to produce unusual hotels, stimulated with a Germanic flare. Modern art, chic furnishings and unusual sheets are the starry-eyed surprise to a good night of Berlin sleep. Guten nacht!
Propeller Island City Lodge1Propellar Island is one of Berlin’s most unique and eclectic hotels. Guests choose to sleep in coffins, mirrors, Oma’s bed, or elevated cages. Artist, Lars Stroschen, is the mastermind behind each room’s design. Each room is decorated with a different, estranged theme.  Propeller Island plays mind games more than Leonardo DiCaprio’s main role in Propeller Island. Sleep here with an open mind, otherwise terrifying nightmares occur.  This hotel features affordable prices with rooms starting at $95 Euro per night.
Michelberger HotelThis creative and “suite,” East Berlin hotel offers budget accommodations. A group of friends poured their heart and soul into the creation of Michelberger. The hotel features 119 rooms each designed with love, class, and creativity. Specific rooms contain eclectic gatherings of abstract lamps, high ceiling windows, and books glued to the walls. Other rooms offer a “Cloud 9” experience where guest sleep on lofted beds. Onsite massage and energy healing sessions are available. Meeting spaces are also available for corporate gatherings.
Arte LuiseKnown as “The Art Traveller’s Home in Berlin,” guests find a vibrant sanctuary with one footstep into the lobby. There, guests notice a large horse’s muzzle next to a multi-colored striped drape. Each room is progressive in design, featuring a unique Germanic twist. Painted bananas, models, and escape artists hopping the Berlin wall are some of the room’s interior design. Whatever theme inspires your bedtime sleep, guests choose from the zoom, safari, cabaret, or other designs, for a good night of sleep.
HüttenpalastThree words describe Hüttenpalast, “Café, Hotel, and Garden.” The eccentric hotel once operated as a vacuum factory. The hotel attracts budget-friendly and budget-blowing travelers to experience something different. Guests sleep in vintage wooden huts touched with a hint of modern-nature class. Outside the huts, guests will notice views of trees set atop of wooden floors. In the morning, guests can enjoy “frühstück” in the fertile garden. This hotel is perfect for travelers who prefer nature set amidst an urban setting.
NHow HotelKnown as, “Berlin’s Music and Lifestyle Hotel,” guests discover unique qualities from the facade. The building’s exterior boasts an abstract geometric design. Inside, guests “check in” at the hot pink bubble-like front desk. Nhow stands for a “new generation of hotels,” where music, design, and fashion unite in the New Age. The lobby exudes an Avatar atmosphere decorated with vibrant colors and modern shaped couches. Rooms feature their own “magic eye” carpet, wall art and hypoallergenic sheets. This hotel and spa is a journey through fashion-forward time travel fused with the blend of color and sound.

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