5 Ways To Achieve Safe Travels
With Easter weekend coming up, it’s a great chance to get away and enjoy some unwind time. Anticipation of good times is half the fun too. So, take some moments beforehand to revel in the possibilities, think about what you’ll need to enjoy yourself and consider how to avoid any hassles while away. Your trip will be much better off for it. With that in mind, here are 5 ways to achieve safe travels, whether you’re heading overseas, exploring the far-reaches of your own country or hitting an escape close to home.

  1. Check the weather

This one might sound a little simple and strange, but many a journey has been derailed by bad weather. April sees a shift of seasons too, which can often make things even more unpredictable. If things are looking unusually wet, think about transport that doesn’t involve roads (hello relaxing train ride). If things are looking hot, pack sunscreen, hats and cool clothes. If there’s a category 5 hurricane heading towards where you are, that means the surf further down the coast will be pumping, so pack in a board and head there instead.

  1. Check for Travel Alerts

Most governments have websites you can go to and check for any travel warnings if you’re traveling overseas. You can also register where you’re headed, so if the worst happens the right people know you’re there and it’s easy to find you and sort alternative plans. Here are some links to websites inAustralia, theUSA andEurope.

  1. Ask People Who Have Been There

Post questions on Facebook to see if your friends have been where you’re headed and ask for tips. They know you best, so will have a solid idea of what to do, what to avoid and what to take. If you have no luck with your existing network, never fear, there are a bunch of travel forums out there that have advice from intrepid (and smart) explorers. I recommendThorn Tree by Lonely Planet, but there are lots of others to chose from. Make sure you ask about the best cocktails in the area. Holidays are always better with cocktails.

  1. Be Prepared (and take a first-aid kit)

Yeah, I was a boy scout as a kid, so their motto still comes out from time to time. Itisgood advice though. If you’re traveling to a tropical country, think about getting the appropriate shots. While you’re at the doctor’s getting the jab, ask about getting some emergency-only antibiotics. And, for the love of god take a good, compact first-aid kit. Luckily, our friends at Carryology have done the hard work and writtena great article on how to put a good one together. If you scrape your knee, stub your toe or have a coconut fall on your head, you’ll be glad you had it with you.

  1. Take a little extra security

You probably saw this one coming. This is a Pacsafe blog after all. But seriously, knowing your gear is covered helps you relax, unwind or even step further out of your comfort zone to embrace life’s adventures. Whether you’re just takinga backpack for a weekend explore, orsomething more serious for a longer jaunt, think about lockable bags, puncture-resistant zips and anchor straps that fix to immovable objects. Like our first-aid kit above, you won’t always be in a situation to need it, but you’ll feel a damn sight better knowing that there a little friend at your side looking after your gear, so you can look after having a great time.
After all that, think about how much fun you’re going to have. It’s not about what might go wrong, but what will go right. If you’re a little prepared, then the best is coming your way.
Happy Easter, Good Friday, and Safe Travels.

By Tim Hawken

Tim Hawken is an Australian writer who enjoys surfing, Indian food and romantic midnight strolls to the beer fridge. He has clocked up visits to 23 countries on 5 continents (and counting). Find out more about his weird world by heading tohis website, or following him onInstagram andTwitter.

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