December 29, 2017 3 min read

Cyber security has become easy to exploit in this day and age, especially with the wide set availability of tech tools and scripts anyone can download, much to the terror of others. They even come with colorful and easy-to-use instructions and can do mild things such as cracking passwords (yes, that is mild) to even stealing your bank account details and hijacking your TAC (obviously not mild).
So how can you protect yourself from the airport onwards? We’ve got 5 brilliant and easy steps for you!

Be careful about using public WiFi
This is the most obvious step. While the airport may have been kind enough to provide you with free WiFi so you can upload all your awesome Instagram shots of your travels and maybe even text your worried parents when you land, it’s the worst thing on earth you can use for internet.
As the line is heavily unsecured, there may be unscrupulous individuals sniffing around the network for any sort of data traffic information (login details, bank acc numbers, emails you don’t want published to the public if you’re someone important, etc.) and because you’re on the same network, any packet of data with information sent out by you, can and will be received. The worst part, it could be anyone.

Protect your cards
Your bank may have updated you insisting to switch to its RFID-enabled cards. While this is an amazing feature there are many individuals who have special applications on their phones that allow them to steal your card’s RFID information. They can then make unwanted purchases that you won’t be able to trace and the bank might not be able to compensate you. So to prevent this, either disable the RFID feature at your bank and/or ATM or get an RFID blocking wallet such as theRFIDSAFE V50 FID Blocking Compact Wallet.

Beware free charging ports
Think the provided charging cables kiosks are safe? Not really! There have been many cases of these kiosks being compromised (this is especially worse if you’re an Android user) with a backdoor where the cables are actually connected to a computer system. When your phone is plugged in, they automatically gain access to your data and begin downloading almost immediately. There are ways around this, however – simply set your phone to request for administrative permission whenever connected to any (known or unknown) device. Or you could get your own cable, plug and international adapter, then find a power point and just camp out there!

Keep your laptop close
If you lose your laptop while traveling, be advised that the potential of anyone breaking pass your password and gaining access to all your files is very high when they physically have your laptop. You can keep it all safe and secure with theInstasafe Backpack Anti-Theft 20L Laptop Backpack.And if you’re looking for even more security even James Bond might have a tough time cracking, you can even accompany it with aProsafe 700 TSA Accepted Combination Padlock.

Keep your passport safe and secure
Finally, the most important thing aside from your banking details is actually your passport. While many are being updated to contain sensitive biometric information that allows you to go through automated gates with ease, it’s no surprise that they also contain some form of RFID.
Because your passport contains information like your full name, national ID number, social security number and even your thumbprints, identity theft is a highly potential risk. So get yourself a simple and easy to useRFIDSLEEVE 50 RFID-Blocking Passport Protector to make sure you don’t end up like Tom Hanks’ character Viktor Navorski in the movie The Terminal.
So there you have it – 5 simple solutions and your plane probably hasn’t even left the airport yet! Now you’re ready for a safe and secure jet-setting lifestyle to anywhere in the world.

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