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August 25, 2016 3 min read

mother and daughter travelling tips
Not all European trips should be taken solo, with friends or your romantic other half. Why not travel around Europe with the single most important woman in your life, the one who brought you into this world? Whether you are looking to surprise your mum with a trip, or planning a getaway together for the first time in a long while, Europe has so many tempting options that’ll make you want to pack your bags, grab that special lady and leave now!
If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and need a hand with some European travelling tips, here are three of the classics of European travel. You can’t go wrong with these three cities for a mother-daughter getaway.


Cafés, museums, art, music, theatres, parks, castles and a whole lot of charm – the capital of Austria is an ideal destination for the mother and daughter who want to spend quality time together.
Treat your mother like a queen by bringing her to Schoenbrunn Palace. The World Cultural Heritage site and its gardens belonged to the Habsburgs for centuries, and it has maintained much of its original condition to this day. Take a stroll around the park just outside of the palace, which is a great place for photos too. Then, sit back and relax in the palace with mum over some coffee as you enjoy the garden view.
Speaking of gardens, why give her a rose or two, when you can gift her a whole garden’s worth? Hirschstetten Botanical Gardens, also called the Florarium, can be visited free of charge from May to October. It houses 300,000 spring bloomers, 800,000 summer flowers and about 1 million tulip and narcissus bulbs. Now that’s a bouquet that mum deserves!
If you ever wanted to go see an opera with mum, Vienna’s State Opera House is a must. Completed in 1869, the building itself is a work of art and even if you don’t want to see an opera, do the walking tour and see the marvels within.


Whether you are slow paced or a fast walker, Rome’s streets will keep you both busy for as long as you allow yourselves to become lost in its beauty.
Go on food tours together, visit museums, or see the Roman landmarks that be found almost everywhere: the legendary Colosseum, Roman Forum and St Peter’s Basilica. But if mum ever needs more relaxing time out, take her to the Ficoncella Thermal Springs. The facility was highly valued in ancient times. The water flowing from the spring is the same in which Emperor Trajan himself bathed centuries ago. Once in it, you probably won’t want to leave!


Paris is most definitely not only for couples. There’s shopping, wine and chocolate tasting, and all the extra calories waiting to be consumed at the countless patisseries.
Prefer a scenic walk? Take a stroll down the beautiful river Seine. It flows right through the heart of Paris since the city’s humble beginnings of trade and commerce. Of all the 32 bridges, Pont Neuf is the oldest, and one of the nicest place to hang out.
While in Paris, shopping for Parisian fashion is a must too. It’s easy to find bigger brands around the city, but the real fun is where you get to bargain. The best of Parisian bargain shopping can be found at Vide-greniers. These secondhand clothing are directly from merchants. If you’re lucky and motivated enough to dig through them, you’ll most certainly score yourself brand-name items for a fraction of the original price! Just don’t be afraid to bargain.
In cities like Rome, Vienna and Paris, pickpocketing is rife, so it might be a good idea to consider an anti-theft handbag, such as the PacsafeCitysafe LS200 or theSlingsafe LX200.
Allane Milliane
Allane is a Brazilian who has lived in 5 countries. Packing My Suitcase is her special place where she shares her passion for traveling (and her planning obsession) while inspiring others to travel. With useful travel tips, varying from diving to traveling with a dog, it’s also a place where readers become personal friends.

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