Travel Pockets Top 5 Must-Have Travel Items

We love traveling and whenever we start to pack our bags for our next destination there are some things we both just can’t travel without. Over the years we’ve pretty much started to copy each other’s must-haves. For example, Candy bought her first Bandolier phone case a few years ago and then Crystal realized she needed one too. It’s no surprise that we end up buying similar things since we travel together often. Here are our 5 Must-Have Travel Items:

Bandolier Phone Case

When we found the Bandolier, we were so happy to finally have something that kept our hands free from constantly holding our phone. We take a ton of photos and videos on our phone (especially when we’re traveling), so having a case that works as a crossbody purse was just what we needed. Every time we upgrade our phone, it’s a guarantee that our Bandolier will get an upgrade too.

Cabeau Travel Pillow

We’ve gone through some trial and error with travel pillows and finally found one that goes with us everywhere now. The Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow has everything a traveler needs and wants in a travel pillow: excellent head support, comfy memory foam, adjustable clasp, and a removable washable cover.

A Compact Camera

The camera inside smartphones these days do a great job of capturing beautiful photos; however, we still like to pack our own cameras. We take with us multiple cameras and lenses and get asked all the time, “What is the best compact camera to travel with?” We travel with theSony A7SII but recently found an even more compact camera that’s great for travel photos and much more affordable – the Sony RX100. This tiny camera does a great job calculating the colors and lighting even when shooting in automatic mode. It’s also one of the best cameras out there that takes exceptional photos in low-light. Another bonus is that it’s easy to take selfies with its flip screen and automatic self-timer.

Skyroam Personal Wi-Fi

Finding free Wi-Fi isn’t so easy when traveling overseas and usually isn’t available when you need it most. This is why having the Skyroam comes in so handy. No matter where we land, we can turn on our Skyroam and have immediate personal Wi-Fi with a touch of a button. It comes in handy especially when we are wandering around a new city and need Google Maps to help get us to where we need to go.

Pacsafe Citysafe CX Anti-theft Backpack

We love and own several Pacsafe bags, but the one we take with us on all of our travels is the Citysafe CX Anti-theft backpack. It has a ton of super convenient features that really come in handy. Of course, the anti-theft features are a huge plus, but we also love the built-in laptop sleeve, exterior side pockets, and the feminine design.

You can shop the girls’ favorite Citysafe CX Anti-theft backpackhere.

To see more about Travel Pockets and their worldwide stylish travels, head to their websitehere. They’ve got some great tips on traveling through Asia, Europe, North America and more.


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