Tips to Pack for Music Festivals

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Rave Party
Music festivals are hitting the right notes for audiophiles, and why wouldn’t they? You get 20 concerts for the price of one. Music festival goers aren’t just there for the music, but the fashion too. From regular jeans to dancing unicorns, your ears and eyes are definitely in for an experience.
So it is not surprising that thousands of people travel from across town (and sometimes, countries) to be a part of these music festivals. The more the merrier, but  there can be a higher theft risk in mass crowds such as these. So not only do you have to strategise your game plan of which stage and band to check out first, you’ll need to plan your travel to ensure all your belongings are well protected.
We’ve narrowed it down to three types of festival goers to help you protect your valuables. These tips will help ensure the only tears you will shed on this trip are tears of happiness from watching your favourite band play!
1. Light Weight Traveler
Are you the type who holds strong to the motto ‘less is more’? You’d rather keep your hands free so you can sway it in the air as you dance along to the music? If you are, thenbody wallets and belts is what you need. Thin and flat enough to hide underneath your clothes, theCoversafe S80 secret body pouch is the perfect item if all you want to take along with you are some cash and cards. For women looking for something a little more compact, there is theCoversafe S60 secret belt pouch.
It’s also always wise to spread your money in different locations. For men, it may be wiser to have some cash stashed away in your Cashsafe 25 anti-theft deluxe travel belt wallet, or consider RFID solutions like theCoversafe X100 anti-theft RFID blocking waist wallet orRFIDsafe Z50 RFID blocking tri-fold wallet.
2. Mid Weight Traveler
Ok, so you can’t live without your phone, your camera (because you need to take those artsy, HD shots to remember the moments), your loyalty cards, and your wallet. Thenshoulder and cross body bags might be more your thing. These anti-theft camera bags come in various designs to suit your style and convenience, such as theCamsafe V4 anti-theft compact camera travel bag for mirrorless cameras,Camsafe® V9 anti-theft camera sling pack for DSLR cameras and quick access,Camsafe Z6 anti-theft camera & mini tablet bag, and many more. You’ll enjoy your time more, knowing your items will be safe.
3. Heavy Weight Traveler
For those who would like to bring most of the items mentioned above and maybe a little more, you might prefer thesling bags. Hey, you could even put a t-shirt in there for when the music gets intense. You may check out theVenturesafe 325 GII anti-theft cross body pack with a big yet slimmer design, or theMetrosafe LS150 anti-theft sling backpack for something a little wider. The Pacsafe anti-theft cross body pack and sling backpack allows more room for your belongings, but helps prevents thieves from getting in.
So there you have it, your guide to which travel bags will keep your belongings secure at your next music festival so you can be free to enjoy the music!


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