Personal Safety and Security Tips for Independent City Dwellers

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Staying in the city definitely has its perks. You can easily travel to the office within minutes, shop for your favourite clothes, and not worry about driving through rush hour traffic from the suburbs. It may be cool to tell your friends that you’re staying close to your workplace, but we can become easy targets to thieves if we’re not too careful.
But don’t worry! These simple personal safety tips won’t cost you much in time or money. All you need is a bit of street smarts, practice, and practical advice.
Before moving in
It’s ideal to review your future home’s security before deciding to buy or rent the place. Ask for safety advice from those who are familiar with the area you are planning to move in. Locals are more aware of the crime rates that are happening and may give better insights, so ask those who are living there, the management, or local police.
Well-lit outdoors
Buildings should generally have good lighting on front and back entrances, walkways and porches. So consider picking a place that’s well lit on the outside of your home. Many cities have a particular code for exterior lighting, so ask around. If a building isn’t up to standard, it’s up to the management and landlord to install the proper exterior lighting, so that we can minimise potential risks of theft.
Consider using a wireless security system
Since you won’t be able to make a lot of changes and renovations when you’re renting a place, a wireless security system isn’t a bad investment after all. Many companies these days offer DIY security systems, so look out for wireless ones. The great thing about them is that you can take them with you should you decide to move out. It is ideal for those who live in a small space, because these systems don’t take up a lot of space or create clutter with wires.
Walk the walk
How you carry yourself on the street tells a lot if you’re an easy target. As mentioned in our guide totravel security, walk with purpose and confidence by looking straight forward. You’ll want to stay focused while walking too. Avoid being too engrossed in replying text messages too – you become easy prey and thieves can easily swipe your phone away from you!
When taking the train or the bus, sit near the conductor or driver, but at the centre of the car. Being too near the door leaves you vulnerable to snatch thieves when the doors open.
Own your belongings
Take care of your belongings too, by tucking them under your shoulder while you walk. In crowded areas, hug it snugly in front of you. Cross body bags are great for this. So for that added security carry a security bag that comes with anti-theft technology such asPacsafe Slingsafe LX300 backpack. Find yourself carrying a lot of valuables like your cash and passport? Hide them under your jacket with a small bag likeCitysafe CS50 anti-theft cross body purse.


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