A Year In Review

20th birthdays, countless friends and lots of Safe Travels…

It’s that time of year when you reflect on the highlights of the last 12 months and look forward to the new.2018 was an especially massive year at Pacsafe.

First, we turned 20!

To celebrate, we delved into the archives and rewrote our brand story, ran our Be More Competition, which sent winner Liliana Galo on a dream trip to rediscover her family roots in South America, and released a 20th Anniversary Collection in Econyl to help support Sea Turtle Conservation.

Econyl is a fiber made from regenerated plastic like fishing nets and other industrial waste that would otherwise end up in our oceans. 100% of profits from the collection also went back to the Pacsafe Turtle Fund. The result were bags that protect your gear and protect your turtle friends at the same time. The collection was so successful it inspired us to use ECONYL in other collections moving forward. Watch this space…

We Made Lots of New Friends

A whole of lot great people teamed up with our designers to come up with some very special collaboration releases, including collections with Quiksilver, Angry Lane, Diamond Supply and our fastest ever selling release with Carryology. This was in addition to the dozens of other new styles we released to help protect your belongings, your bag and your identity.

Speaking of friends, vloggers like Unboxed Therapy, Travel Pockets, Chase Reeves, Bo Ismono and more reviewed Pacsafe’s bags, totaling well over 2 million views. Unboxed Therapy’s coverage of the Carryology x Pacsafe release had 1.7 million views (and counting) all on its own.

You Guys Got Social With Us

On Instagram alone you guys liked our posts more than 72,00 times, along with countless comments. We even hit over 100,000 followers on Facebook! A milestone we’re super proud of. Our Instagram Top 9 liked posts look like the below. You all seem to really like Jackon Groves and turtles. Maybe we should get Jackson with a turtle and the internet would explode…

We also held opening events for new flagship stores in Hong Kong, the Philippines and pop up shops in Thailand. Plenty of friends, fans, and influencers came along for the fun.

We helped clean up our oceans and support conservation of endangered Sea Turtles.

For World Oceans Day on June 9th, our staff, family and friends all gathered in Hong Kong for our annual beach clean up. This is a great way to built connections with each other and our local community while doing some good in the place we live.

The Pacsafe Turtle Fund managed to support three incredible organizations, with much-needed grant money and equipment to assist in preservation efforts for those majestic creatures we celebrate in our logo. These included FFI, HAKA and SEE Turtles. 

Of course, that’s not all we did, but they’re the things we remember the most fondly – celebrations, friends, giving and Safe Travels.

Looking Ahead…

In 2019, we’re especially excited about a renewed focus on sustainability. We have at least two major releases coming up that help reduce plastic ocean pollution. These use regenerated fibers or recycled fabrics. There will be even more support for Turtle Conservation projects. A handful of security innovations will also be released from the lab. Stay tuned as these and more are announced on our website. You can even sign up here to have updates delivered to your inbox. 

In the meantime, Happy New Year! We hope yours was as fun and fulfilling as ours.

Thanks for being part of the journey. We hope your adventures in 2019 are equal parts interesting, intriguing and incredible.

Safe Travels.


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