Over the shoulder, across the front, around the waist – there are multiple ways to wear a sling bag. It’s not just about style either. Each way to wear has different benefits and drawbacks to think about when putting on the bag. Here, we break down the four key ways of how to wear a sling bag and talk about why you might approach each option.

Whether it’s front, back, shoulder or waist, we’ve got you covered…


Wearing it across your back is the most traditional way to wear a sling. There are reasons why people prefer to carry this way too. Out of sight means out of mind, letting you focus on taking in the city sights on the move. There’s no obstruction to your arms and it’s generally the most comfortable way to carry a sling (or any bag for that matter).

If you’re riding a bike, or on the run, this way of how to wear a sling bag is probably your go to. However, if you like to keep an eye on your gear, consider the next option as one that could be ideal.


Right now, wearing your sling bag across the front of your body is the most in-style option. The trend has emerged from New York and spread around the world. So, why would you wear a sling bag this way? First, it gives you fast access to your things, being able to grab a wallet or phone without needing to take the bag off. That means you can empty out your pockets for a sense of freedom and have anything sorted in the sling.

The other great reason for wearing a sling on your front is safety. It’s nice and snug against your body where you can see it, making it harder for would-be pickpockets to unzip and rummage around without you knowing. If you enjoy that safety but prefer to wear it on your back, there aresome great anti-theft slingpacks here with lockable zips to offer that confidence any way you wear.  


Wearing a sling bag on your shoulder is probably the fastest way to pick up and drop the bag, without needing to clip/unclip around your body. So, if you’re constantly putting your bag down and picking it up again, this could be the most convenient.

A handy tip for security when popping your sling bag down is to clip the carry strap around an immovable object for that bit of extra protection. If you want to go the extra mile here, there is a slingpack that offers a strap you can even add a padlock to for top-level security. Great for commutes on the subway, or when you want to relax having coffee on a busy street.


Technically, you’d call a sling a waist pack if you’re wearing it this way, but some are so versatile you can swap between modes. To wear a sling around your waist, it will need to be smaller, otherwise the bulk simply makes it impractical. This way to wear is how slings originally emerged in style (check outthis great article at Carryology about it if you’re interested).

Wearing a sling around your waist is helpful if you’re wanting to get to your things without taking the bag off, and a more comfortable with it down low than sitting higher on your chest. 

Whichever way you wear your sling bag, there are plenty out there to choose from. For some with anti-theft features in multiple sizes,check out the Pacsafe Slingpack range.


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