8 Camera Accessories You Need On Your Next Trip

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camera bag
A high quality camera is a requirement for any overseas trip. You’ve got to capture the memories! Any good camera needs some accessories to go along with it, so set aside the funds for a few extra tidbits before your next adventure so you can snap the best photos possible.
A Strap
A good strap is an essential piece of camera equipment not just when travelling overseas, but even here at home. It helps you carry your camera easily without needing to drag along a bulky bag or take up space in your pack. It’s a great idea to find one with anti-theft properties that can help keep the strap from being cut or easily unclipped from around your neck.
A Good Tripod
If you want to take photo of the same quality you find online you’re going to have to get a tripod. When you hold your camera in your hand it’s impossible to keep it still once you press the button to snap the photo, causing blur you might not even notice at first glance. Invest in a high quality tripod and you’ll be a step closer to gorgeous, magazine quality pictures.
A Bag
Take into account the amount of gear you’re bringing with your camera when you go on a trip. There are bags of all different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Some hang over your shoulder while others can be worn like a typical backpack. There are also some designs that help keep burglars at bay.
A Lock
Cameras are expensive and valuable pieces of equipment, so they’re worth locking up as much as possible. Travelers should look for TSA approved locks to keep anyone from unzipping your gear when you’re not looking. There are also locks that work with a key, combination or even a key card.
An Extra Memory Card
You’re going to be taking a lot of photos on your trip. Sometimes finding the time to transfer them to your computer to free up space on your memory card is difficult. Instead, buy an extra memory card or two to take with you so you can pop them in and out without having to worry about missing the perfect shot.
A Camera Safe
Instead of lugging around an bulky safe or using the one your hotel or hostel provides, consider investing in a lightweight, portable safe for you camera and gear. They’re adjustable and can fit your camera and also your laptop. They not only lock shut, but you can also attach them to immovable objects in your hotel room so no one can take them when you’re not around.
A Camera Bag Protector
Similar to travel pack covers, you can buy a cover to place over your camera bag to keep thieves from getting into it when you’re not looking. There are mesh and full-bodied covers available to choose form. They wrap around your bag and make it nearly impossible to anyone to unzip or pull your camera from its case.
A Flash
Not all of the best pictures happen during the day. Make sure you take along an extra flash in addition to the one that’s already equipped with your camera. Something a little higher quality can help you snap the perfect picture on a cloudy day or at sunset when the natural lighting isn’t quite perfect yet.


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