Cities present a world of adventure. Not only are they culture hubs of our planet, but are also the gateways to every country’s wider outdoors. While everyone has major cities like New York, Tokyo and London on their travel radar, we’ve put together a list of other interesting cities to visit. They’ve been selected as destinations in themselves, full of food, fun and festivals. Most have plenty more to offer in the surrounding areas too. Without further ado, here are our 7 top cities to visit in 2020.

1. Melbourne

Melbourne is fast outclassing Sydney astheplace to visit Downunder. Their theatre district is one of the best in the world, the food is top-notch, major sporting events happen there on a regular basis, and there’s now even Australia’s first wave pool right near the airport for those wanting a fun experience. 

To prove that it’s not just us ranking Melbourne right up there, the city wasTime Out’s #2 ranked best city in the world last year too, right behind New York. Pretty crazy considering their index is worked out by interviewing thousands of city dwellers. Do yourself a favor and check out what all the fuss is about. 

2. Florence, Italy

Florence in Italy isTravel and Leisures #1 city in the world for good reason. The art and architecture there is 2nd to none. There are sights like the Duomo di Firenze, Uffizi Gallery and Michelangelo’s David all on show. The local pasta and wine will make even the most jaded foodie dance with delight. The countryside nearby in surrounding Tuscany offers some of the most romantic villas possible for lover’s getaways. There’s even something for fashion lovers too, with shopping and events year-round.

For those who like to do something away from the major tourist spots, head down to San Lorenzo. What used to be a run-down district is nowtheplace to go bar hopping. Enjoy.  

3. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburz in Austria has just been namedLonely Planet’s #1 City to visit in 2020! A key reason for this is that theSalzburg Festival is turning 100 this year. That means this Alpine wonderland will be singing with events, people and energy.  One of the world’s greatest classical music festivals, the event is a symphony of opera, classical music and drama. Top billing this year goes to Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Jedermann, based on a medieval morality play, performed in all its glory in Domplatz. 

If you’re going to spend Summer in Saltzburg for the festival, just make sure you book early (and get your beer-drinking hat ready). 

4. Chicago, USA

LA and New York nearly always steal the spotlight in the USA for cities to see. However, Chicago in the Midwest is an incredible place packed full of things to do. You can see the legendary Bulls play basketball, or catch an ice hockey game in the snow. There are oodles of underground bars featuring up and coming bands. Craft beer lovers will delight in the options on offer. Lake Michigan is always a beautiful sight.

The rest of the Midwest is easily accessible by car too. If you’re up for a road adventure, think about exploring The Ozarks, or winding your way to Mount Rushmore – one of the USA’s most iconic sights. 

If you do go to Chicago, make sure you get a deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s. For our money, some of the best pizza in the world.

5. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An in Vietnam has featured on quite a few of our must-visit lists in the past. For good reason. It’s an absolute gem of a place to go. Lovely beaches, lovely people, incredible food. The shopping at the markets needs to be experienced to be believed and you’ll get a tailored suit or evening gown made for a fraction of what you’ll pay in most parts of the world.

If you’re into your food, make sure you do a cooking lesson too. Many options take you to the markets to shop for the ingredients first, before heading back to cook it together. Something to take home from your adventures and share with your friends when you’re feeling fancy!

6. Havana, Cuba

Old world charm meets Latin cool. Havana is one city that should be at the top of any adventure lover’s list. The warm climate and stunning waters mean you can enjoy time at the beach. The steamy dance halls mean you can boogie the night away. Cheap rum means you can have easily a tipple and enjoy a cultural must. Just don’t over indulge!

If you’re after a list of things to do, think about visiting The Malecón at Sunset. Ride in a 1950’s Convertible. Go to El Floridita for a Hemingway Daiquiri. Have a “Cubata” on the rooftop of Ambos Mundos Hotel. Or, just walk around Havana Vieja. Above all, be prepared for a vibrant time!

7. St Louis, Senegal

Often when people travel to Africa they’re concerned about personal safety and political unrest. However, Senegal is known for its stability and (relative) safety. St Louis in the north of the country is a stunning French Colonial city of international renown. Many people speak English in the city, but you’re best prepared if you take a French dictionary with you. Negotiating that communication is all part of the adventure.  

Take in the architecture, go for the cruise on the river, see the Governor’s Palace and the neoclassical cathedral. The Musée du CRDS also exhibits historical artifacts and art. Just an hour from the city is also the Ndiael Faunal Reserve. One for nature lovers to visit for their outdoor hit. 

Wherever you travel, it’s a great idea to take a little extra security with you, especially in cities.

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