10 Webcams That Can Inspire Your Next Adventure

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For those moments in life were you simply cannot step outside, whether you are behind a desk or waiting in line at the bank, nature webcams can provide you a portal to the outside world. And while they may not be as good as taking a hike and breathing in the fresh air, some webcams can provide you a view that otherwise wouldn’t be granted. Whatever you do though, don’t waste your time navigating your search engine to find these beautiful shows, and don’t get lost too far into the action, instead scroll below and check out these 10 Outdoorsy Webcams to inspire your next adventure:
Jelly Cam, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Get your jelly on with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Jelly Cam. Featuring a live look at the long tentacles of jelly fish from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT. don’t venture too close to your computer monitor for this webcam, those eye-pleasing, free swimming marine animals can deliver quite the shock upon contact.
Cayman Islands Reef Webcam, Ocean Frontier
With the only real view available during daylight hours, the Cayman Islands Reef Webcam is a continuous 24 hour feed that gives you that coral reef crutch needed during the long day. Featuring a unique underwater camera system, the Cayman Islands Reef Webcam is a must see for every ocean lover out there.
Paraclete XP SkyVenture Webcam
Catch Paraclete XP SkyVenture during open hours and watch as people spin, twirl, and practicing there falling at this indoor skydiving center. Just by watching these new and seasoned acrobats alike fly around the tube simulating a free-dive, it’s enough to want to try it yourself.
Tower Bridge Webcam, Visit London
Perhaps one of London’s most iconic landmarks, you can keep eyes on the Tower Bridge 24/7 thanks to the webcam that has been installed and the night traffic lighting up the dark hours of the day. A great inspiration to remember the past, or plan for your future visit to London, the Tower Bridge provides an excellent view for all those trying to escape.
International Space Station Webcam, High Definition Earth Viewing Experiment
Yep, that’s right, the International Space Station has a webcam in which you can view earth from space anytime of the day. Granted, most of the viewing hours occur when the ISS is in sunlight, but night shots can be worth the wait, either way, check this out now, it’s outer space!
Minnesota Bound Live Eagle Webcam
Located in south central Minnesota, a solar powered webcam is located squarely 75 feet above the ground and pointed directly at a bald eagle nest. You can watch for yourself as the eagles and eaglets live out their daily lives, and while you are there, you can check out the archived videos of the baby’s birth.
Northern Lights Webcam, Hotel Highlands
The northern lights, aka Aurora Borealis, is the definition of a painted sky, and thankfully for those of us that don’t live where the northern lights often appear, the Hotel Highlands in Hella, Iceland has you covered with their adjustable webcam. Great for a view, get your timing right on this one and you could have a webcam experience you’ll never forget.
Trevor Zoo Red Pandas Webcam
The words panda and webcam really do sell themselves, and it’s no wonder, during the hours they are awake, these red pandas provide an endless amount of fun as they hop, skip, and romp through their simulated forest habitat. Smaller than the giant panda most associated with the name panda, red pandas are much smaller and have been referred to as a bear-cat or cat-bear, and whatever you call them, they are worth checking in on every now and then.
Port of Melbourne Webcam
The views are great from the Port of Melbourne Webcam, but perhaps the feature that is most fun is the ability to take controls of the camera. Shift left, tilt down, zoom out, do whatever you want for the allotted 120 seconds that the camera’s controls are yours. And whatever way you look, take in as much of the Port of Melbourne scenery as you can.
Old Faithful Webcam, Yellowstone National Park
Transport yourself to the heart of America’s first National Park and watch as the Nation’s most iconic geyser erupts on regular intervals. Tune in at the right time and you’re in for quite a sight, and even if your catch it between each eruption, the dramatic view of Yellowstone is always something to see.
Earth Cam – Rio De Janeiro Webcam
Welcome to Rio! Thanks to the Rio De Janeiro Webcam you can feel that fresh ocean breeze on your face and the energy of Rio De Janeiro flowing through your laptop. Featuring a 24/7 feed, often times the day is the best time to check up on Rio.


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