10 Funny Excuses to Spark a Conversation with a Stranger

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talking to strangers
Noticed a pretty girl or good-looking guy nearby and itching to strike up a conversation with them? Sometimes it can be a little hard to break the ice, so take a look at these 10 funny (and practical) excuses to start a conversation with another person. While meeting new people is exciting, we’re just having a bit of fun with this guide. Remember to respect other people’s personal space, and know when to leave them alone if they don’t want your attention
1. “I’m in the Amazing Race, help me with this please?”
What excuse could be better than the Amazing Race to get someone to cooperate with you? You can pretend you’re on the reality treasure hunt and ask them to help you decipher clues.
Effectiveness: Depends on how gullible they are. They also might think you’re a little weird. This is probably a better way to connect with people you already know if you don’t have anything to talk about.
Rating: 2/5
2. “Can you zip up my backpack?”
If you’re carrying aPacsafe backpack, leave one of the empty sections of your bag open so that you’ll have an excuse to speak to someone else.
Effectiveness: Quite effective. However, you might end up speaking with someone else rather than your intended person.
Rating: 4/5
3. “Check your fly, it’s unzipped.”
The awkward and “I-don’t-think-I-should” cousin to the unzipped backpack, this is a stunt you should only even consider if you are either drunk, desperate, or really hard to embarrass. On the other hand, it could be a subtle, friendly greeting if the other person’s the one with their fly open.
Effectiveness: Do this at your own risk. They might be so embarrassed they won’t speak to you afterwards.
Rating: 1/5
4. “Want to try it out?”
If there’s one reason to loveoutdoor interactive ads, it’s the fact that it can help people bond. If that’s not convenient, try engaging them in a game that needs 2 players such as chess or reversi. Outdoor activities, such as sports, are also a great way to find opportunities for a conversation.
Effectiveness: Highly effective, especially when there’s a reward involved.
Rating: 4/5
5. “Dogs or cats?”
Do not adopt a pet just so you could use it as a conversation opener. If you already have a pet or an adorable niece at home, you can bring them up.
Effectiveness: If you mentioned how much you love cats, and they’re a dog lover, be ready for a long debate over why cats or dogs are better. At least you won’t be out of ideas for what to say for a long time.
Rating: 3/5
6. “I lost my phone!”
Since everyone has a smartphone these days, chances are you can get his or her phone number in a roundabout way – by borrowing theirs to call your own phone.
Effectiveness: A very handy excuse that is easy to execute if you want their number.
Rating: 5/5
7. “I’m a knight in my previous life and I pledge to serve you, my princess!”
Here’s an excuse a girl would like to hear from a boy when they’re below 10 years old. If you’re any older than that and you know the girl loves the fantasy genre, it’s still fine to use. Just make sure nobody you know is around when you try it out.
Effectiveness: If you’re lucky, you managed to ask the girl out in a roundabout way, and you’re on your way to a date.
Rating: 3/5
8. ”How can I wipe that frown off your face?”
If the person you want to talk to has a sour expression, offer your assistance in changing that frown into a smile.
Effectiveness: Depends. Most of us has a weakness to a well-placed line at the right timing. Don’t be aggressive, but remain open to the conversation if they don’t respond well to your approach.
Rating: 2/5
9. “Excuse me, do you have a pen?”
It’s not funny, but it works. If they actually took the time to hand you a pen, you are one step away from a conversation. Do take note of their posture to see how receptive they are to a conversation.
Effectiveness: If they don’t have a pen, you can start talking about other things, and wave off the issue with the pen. They might feel a bit guilty that they can’t help you so they’ll be more open for a conversation.
Rating: 4/5
10. “You can have my seat.”
If you’re on the bus or train, give your seat to that person who looked like they’re tired. Showing you care about others will leave a great impression on others. And even if it doesn’t lead to a conversation, it’s nice to help out that poor person who has been standing all day.
Effectiveness: Bad boys may attract all the girls, but kind people are attractive too.
Rating: 4/5
Knowing how to make friends starts with talking to a stranger. In the end, the easiest way is still going up to the person and simply saying “Hi!”. Keeping things simple is always best and we’d give that a 6/5. Take the first step to speak to strangers or bond with someone you know with these fun excuses.


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